Dreaming of Adventure

There’s been a few places I’ve been wanting to visit for ages but always seem to put off. Usually it’s that I’m too busy with work or when I do have the time off I’m trying to relax and enjoy the quiet life. Slow morning starts and comfortable routines are to blame. That’s all changing because lately I’ve been inspired to get out and start saying yes to new adventures. It’s exciting not knowing what I’ll discover or learn, which makes it all worth it. Traveling has been long overdue, now it’s a must.

The first on my list is basically all of Italy. I fell in love with the country over a year and a half ago and can’t wait until I get the chance to go back. It’s the perfect place to indulge on foods like gelato, pasta, prosciutto, pizza and more gelato! I still need to cross Rome off my list so that would be my first pick but other places I’d love to see are Ravello, Positano and Capri. I can’t leave out visiting Venice again, because it’s as incredible as everyone says and always worth a visit.

After seeing Lisbon, Portugal countless times on my feed I’m determined to visit this insanely beautiful city. From the cobbled streets to the vibrant painted ceramic tiles that you’ll spot all throughout the buildings. It’s worth a visit on the history alone, but you can’t deny it has some views that can’t be missed. Also, I’ve heard the Pastel de nata is delicious, which is always worth a try for someone who loves desserts as much as I do!

After spending a night in Lucerne, Switzerland I can say I fell in love with everything the city has to offer, how could I not? The views were magical, the chocolate was heavenly, and the experience was unforgettable. Which is why I need to spend more time in this country. A day didn’t do it justice at all! I need a few days, weeks, even months. I was just passing through but now I need to discover all the beauty that is Switzerland. Interlaken, Geneva and Lugano are top on my list so far.

Nothing beats visiting a new city and discovering all the beauty that surrounds us. I’m hoping to visit these places in the new year and eat as much gelato as possible in the process. Here’s to new adventures!