Then Comes Love

Hitting publish can be scary especially when you’re not exactly sure how things will go. That’s exactly my situation right now. Especially when it’s been way too long since I felt motivated to type something up and feel like it was worthy of publishing, that’s the perfectionist in me. What made it more difficult was seeing how long it’s been since I last blogged, a whole two years that was only growing.

I’m finally ready to continue this journey of sharing my thoughts and adventures.

Embracing change is one thing that I’m not good at, in fact I’m horrible at it because I like sticking to a routine. Why change something if it works, right? I can also see why it can be refreshing, because when there’s an ending a new beginning is just around the corner. And that leads to the unknown, which yes is scary but it can also be exciting. That’s what I’m in the middle of, creating the┬ábiggest change in my blogging journey, moving over to WordPress and embracing This Wild Love. Which at first seemed like such a frightening move. It was something I was always debating and one day it just clicked that moving from Blogger was the right thing to do. When I made the decision a few weeks ago I knew I had to start completely fresh. That meant choosing not to transfer any of my old posts, I loved every post I created when I started blogging five years ago and how it showed the ways that I had changed over the years. It just made more sense to give myself a blank canvas with a new vision.

There’s so much more to blogging and that’s what I’m excited to share. It’s not just about beauty trends and the must have lipstick of the moment. It’s the adventures that come along with stepping outside my comfort zone. I’m ready to talk about the beauty in the ordinary moments!

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