Where To Next?

There’s been a few places I’ve been wanting to visit for ages but always seem to put off. Slow morning starts and comfortable routines are to blame. Lately I’ve been inspired to get out and start saying yes to new adventures. Here’s to the places I’ve been wanting to visit!


The first on my list is basically all of Italy. It’s the perfect place to indulge on foods like gelato, pasta, pizza and more gelato! I still need to cross Rome off my list so that would be my first pick. Ravello, Positano and Capri all look amazing as well! I can’t leave out visiting Venice again, because it really is incredible as everyone says.


After seeing Portugal countless times on my feed I’m determined to visit, especially Lisbon! From the cobbled streets to the vibrant painted ceramic tiles that you’ll spot all throughout the city. It’s worth a visit on the history alone, but you can’t deny it has some views that can’t be missed.


Doesn’t matter what city, I’d love to visit any city in Hawaii! So far I’ve done a Honolulu red eye turn that was good, minus for not having a layover. It’s likely that I can visit while working (if I’m lucky) but even a few days on my off days would be amazing!


Another state I’d love to visit that is just a two hour flight for me. Even if it’s just for a day or two I need to make my way over there. I always joke about moving to Montana one day, let’s hope I’m able to at least get a layover in Bozeman or Missoula soon.

Nothing beats visiting a new city and discovering all the beauty that surrounds us. I’m hoping to visit these places and eat as much gelato as possible in the process!